Monday, August 8, 2011


This summer is one that I will never forget. I meet some of the greatest people that I can never forget. It was everything I had expected, if not more, of an experience I hoped to get in my 2 years of service-- and it was only for 2 months. Now, I have found out that I will be going very far from the people I have met and bonded with, which is heartbreaking. However, I am moving on to a great place with great experiences waiting for me. I will be going to Bayan-Ulgiy, the western most aimag in Mongolia. A prominently Kazakh aimag, I have begun learning a new language: Kazakh and learning their new culture. Two out of 68 volunteers were selected to go to this region. Don't know how or what the requirements were, however, I am excited for the new challenge that has been put before me. From the pictures I've seen, the site looks breath taking. It is home the the tallest mountain in Mongolia. I will be city-living it up with 2 other volunteers who are already there. For this week, I will study the language in Darkhan-- with hopes of grasping some of it. Then, the rest of the volunteers will come next week for Final Center Days and swearing in. Will see what this future holds for me.

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