Monday, August 22, 2011

More pictures from the summer

My Dulaankhan host family
My sister wearing Bryce's humungo shoes!

Ger visit to Grandma's ger in the Xodoo (country)

Dad proud of his machine

Making smore's-- from the left: Bolro, Tunda, and Deegii

Our class on the way to learn how to make a "Hor Hog"-- a huge Mongolian Cook out

Stephanie can chop that wood!

My Duu "Tuskor"

Our class learning about winterizing gers.

My Duu "Cauhnaa"

Harka and Cauhnaa

Bryce throwing Harka around

Having our Foriegn Foods Dinner at John's House

Our glorious river

Daniel watching over the "Hor Hog"

My Duus-- Tunga, Bolroo, and I with some nasty gold teeth

One of the last dinners

A new house party in my town, which included a small swimming pool

Ciarra's Family

One of our last nights at the Karaoke bar

Our teacher, Deegii

My grandpa and a little cousin

Amraa, an older cousin
My mom made sure I had a good last night-- Buuz (traditional food), booze, Mongolians, and Americans

My older cousin and her husband

Last day with my Duus!

Sam arm wrestling my older cousin's husband

On top of the new house that my cousins were building

"Emee"-- grandmother

The family in Deels-- mine was a gift

Family Appreciation Picnic

Even after a summer of Buuz and huusher (mongolian food), she could still lift me!

Holding one of our teachers!

Two new Doos, when I stayed in Darkhan to learn Kazakh

Our summer 3 Week English Class

Getting Kazakh already

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