Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Livin'- Dulaankhan style

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The new statue of none other than Chingis Khan in front of my school.

My mom is the lady playing the xylophone!!! yamar goe-- how cool.

My father, mother, and me after the Dulaankhan 50th year town anniversary concert.

Baby at Nadaam (national holiday) wearing the traditional wrestling outfit.

The car that lead the horse race.

Horse racing is one of the three national sports that people compete at during Nadaam. Wrestling and archery are the other two.
My father, mother, and I at Nadaam. Dad is wearing the traditional Mongolian Deel top.
Daniel and Marika at the 50th year town anniversary concert.

The taller girl is my little sister, the other two are my cousins. These are great people.

My sister and my two cousins.

Traditional cake served at big get togethers.

Marikaa drinking some AIRAG!! (fermented Cow's milk)

Older ladies of the Dulaankhan community who have a tent reserved for them.

Men competing at Nadaam.

Nadaam wrestlers

Carrie, a trainee from a close town, came to our Nadaam because her dad was competing in archery!

Bryce, Stephanie, Sam, I, and Ciarra at Nadaam!! Ciarra got her deel really early and got to wear it at Nadaam!

Older gentleman of the community shared the tent with the ladies.

I was also competing... well, I got to hold the bow and arrow for a picture.

Ciarra's host father won the a competition of a traditional Mongolian game.

Ashley and I at a dance-- we are clearly friends.

Sam dancing with my mama at the dance.

Bryce milking one of my cows!

Me, attempting to make buuz-- a traditional Mongolian dish.

One of the many nights spent at the Karaoke bar.

Amarmend-- one of my cousins!

Some of my family--- will miss these people.

My younger sister with one of the babies in my family.

TULGA!!! One of my favorite little cousins.

Oyarka, another favorite cousin.

Oyuna (I think-- I could never get his name down) and Deggie, my cousin and her husband.

Playing some frisbee by the river.

The trainees from Shaamaar came to visit Dulaankhan!! We spent the day by the river.

Sam's mom birthday party.

American's having some fun.

Boldro, Tuuskur, Tunga, Harka, and Deggie- my family.

My two sisters, Boldro and Tunga.

A trip to the country side in the back of a full truck for a few hours isn't so comfortable. Luckily, I got to ride most of the way in the front.

Boldro, Tuuskur, and Oyarka.

Tunga and I, during a stop to the country side.

Tuuskur and Harka-- two of my favorites. I may of had a few favorites.

Caxnaa, one of my favs, and another cousin I didn't know too well.

Mom, Lil' Deggie, Harka, and Older Deggie.

We went to pick some small strawberries

Tunga-- my sister

Goat, its whats for dinner. We had a huge cookout and camped in the countryside.

My mom lounging in my camp chair.

My family minus my dad.

There was a big group of us there-- maybe 20. It was a good night.

Even with the lack of language abilities, I still enjoyed my time. Sometimes language isn't the only way to communicate.

My grandfather and his horse at Nadaam. What a stud.                                    

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