Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer livin' and the life is good....

Well, to start off the month I hosted the First Annual Sports' Camp in Olgii, Mongolia, assisted with great help from Justin Gallagher, Brian Morris, Anh Tu, Ashley Wittington, Marikaa Nixon, and Adi Wright. It was a great turn out with about 57 kids; played lacrosse, soccer, and basketball.It was rather successful, until about the last day when kids were just going wild. Then, finished it off with a tournament, because, let's be real, if there is no 1st place winner in Mongolia, what's the point?
ALSO, big thanks again to OneWorldLacrosse Foundation... who supplied all the LAX equipment... they are a great company supporting Lacrosse in underdeveloped countries... Support them if you can!
look at the form

Nurshuah and Bekjan, two wonderful 5th graders

Dona, probably the best English speaking student at my school... with only a year of English.. who also told me her favorite sport was Lacrosse. Love, love, love her... Might have to steal her. 

Quality goals... lastest about 3 hours... not cheap either

First day of camp 

A lucky winner-- lots of giveaways at camp


Boxing, not an official sport of the camp, but an official sport of Mongolia

Camper v Counselor GAME!

Learning some tricks...


Marikaa's Team Photo...

Anh's 2nd school kids, always starting fights with my school

Just a dust storm sweeping through the camp...

Brian's team bringin' it in..

Justin's scrubs that won the tourney =/

My team.. a mixture of private school kids, boys from my school that didn't want to play with their girls, and sometimes little 5th grade girls that got kicked off the 5th grade boys team

My 5th graders... a bunch of crazy kids, but I love them.

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