Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Fever

Not yet June 1st, but it feels as though school has been out for a month or so now..... My kids come to school, yes indeed, but they play outside all day. I think I like where their heads at.... This month has been filled with some lax playing... (yes, I received the Lacrosse equipment!), basketball, picnics, and our school's "Bayan-hugnii" (perhaps correct..?), or our 9th and 11th grade graduation.
Everything looks in line for my Sports Camp (lacrosse, basketball, and soccer) next week; Ashley, Anh, and Marikaa will be heading out to help out, as well as Justin, Brian, and Adi; and a few Kazakh teachers. Have about 60 kids signed up, should be a blast!
My 9th graders at graduation

Bikbolat!!!! A relative of the family I often stay with. 

5th grade Concert

Salima Baghsaaa

Saia, Bahitgul, Yolka

Ahkbayan and Saginish, two of my 5th graders

Yolka, Jansaia, Salto, and Batihgul's daughter...after graduation

My 5th grade boys

My 5th grade girls...

Couldn't be happier anywhere else in Mongolia

5th grade Picnic by the river and we have grass .. for now

That's right... playing some lax!

Salto, Saia, and Yolka... I don't know how I'll live my  life without these three

Finally, a lax stick back in my hand.

Look who showed up.. my 9th graders

Bekjan!!!! This boy may call and text me a thousand times a day, but I still love him. He actually told me I couldn't go to America because he loved me... 

Making those lax goals... Saibet is awesome

GULMERA!!!!! The cutest 3 year old in the world, who enjoys drinking beer.

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